iPhone 4 water damage repairs

iPhone 4 water damage repairs
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Water Damage [iPhone 4]

Thank you for choosing our iPhone 4 water damage repair services. We can guarantee to get your iPhone 4 screen back to it's factory condition. Let's get it fixed now!


So you're experiencing some, or all, of the following:


- Dropped your iPhone in a puddle? The bath? The LOO?!

- Been caught in the rain and now your iPhone is sluggish?

- Any liquid contact with the iPhone



Here's what we'll do to help:

For the Diagnosis Charge of £14.95, we'll inspect the iPhone, to fully diagnose the extent of the damage. All liquid damaged components will need replacing, but don't worry, we'll always call you first to quote the price! And if you're happy for us to proceed, we'll get to work on bringing your iPhone back to life, just the way you want it! 

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