Servicing [iPhone 3GS]

Servicing [iPhone 3GS]
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So you're experiencing some, or all, of the following:


- Does your iPhone look warn or neglected?

- Is your iPhone in need of a Service?

- Selling your iPhone and want to clear all data from the handset and ensure no faults after sale?



Here's what we'll do to help:

Open the iPhone to rid the insides of any dust/dirt or debris and even liquid damage! We'll clean the iPhone's main board and all components with Solution, to bring your iPhone back up to scratch, just the way you want it!

We can also offer Software Updates to the latest version (if applicable), and can wipe handset of all data, restoring all Factory Settings (if selling on).

Note: We will advise you of any required replacements/repairs if uncovered. 

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