Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

1) All repair prices charged are subject to the item only requiring what is specified within the repair details on the website. Should your item require further work, in order to restore it to a fully functioning state, iBrokemyiphone reserves the right to charge additional costs. However, should this situation arise, you will first be notified of the additional work and must provide confirmation for our engineers to proceed before it is undertaken, to ensure you are satisfied. Only at this point will you then be charged the additional cost.

2) iBrokemyiphone will not be held accountable for any loss of data during a repair or service. As documented within our FAQs, should any loss of data be required in order to fulfill the repair, you will be contacted, and will first have to agree to the engineers continuing with the repair. Should you oppose to this work being carried out, due to the loss of data, your item will be sent back to you, however your 100 day warranty will no longerbe valid, due to the repair remaining incomplete, and you will not be provided with a refund.

3) iBrokemyiphone will not be held accountable for any loss of item in the post, either on its way to or from us. We always recommend sending your goods via Royal Mail Special Delivery, or Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, and promise to only use this service when returning your item to you. All enquiries for lost or delayed deliveries are to be raised with the postal company/service used.

4) Your free 100 day warranty fully covers any issue which may arise within that period, which is a direct result of a recurring issue, which solely relates to that which has already been fixed (warranty period will commence from the date we ship out your product for return and this will be documented on the return paperwork). The owner of the item is allowed to make a claim up to 3 times within this period. However, should any problem with your item airse, that is unrelated and does not directly correlate to the initial fault, this warranty will become null and void. Any damage directly caused by the owner of the item, i.e. cracked screen, liquid damage etc., will result in the owner no longer being liable to make a claim. If you wish to make a claim within this 100 day period, receipt of service must be provided.

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