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Posted August 24, 2014 by iBrokemyiPhone Team

Blogging. ‘What’s the purpose in that?’, I hear you cry. Well, we at IBMIP think blogging is a cool and innovative way to keep you guys updated on all we have going on here, and quite frankly, it gives us an excuse to have a little gossip with you, really!

So, where to begin? Well, let’s try to keep the boring stuff out of it. To (briefly) explain a little bit about us, we’re an online iPhone, iPod and iPad repair company, servicing peoples needs, from Aberdeen to Andover, Bristol to Bournemouth and everywhere in between! No matter where you are in the UK, we can help you! As we’re an online company, all repairs are sent to us by post, and we return them to you the very same way.

Some people might be slightly uncomfortable with the idea of this, and we can appreciate that as we get that it’s quite different, but come on guys, we should put some faith in our trusty postal service. I mean after all, they are technically the Queen’s employees, right? So they can’t be that bad! And we’ve found that, through using their Special Delivery or Recorded Delivery services, business functions perfectly, with zero complaints! (But, if you’ve got a personal preference to use a different courier, just let us know and we can use them too - just for you!)

As we’re an online-only company, this means we have no fixed abode for all our engineers and ‘techy’ little helpers (i.e. a high street store, for example), which means we keep costs down, ultimately allowing us to offer the most competitive prices on the market! By avoiding paying the sky-high electricity bills and what not to maintain a shop unit, we’re able to keep this saving in mind when pricing up all our repairs! So we win, and more importantly, you win too!

Anyway, that’s enough about us - all other serious and important information can be found throughout the website (blah blah blah!) - let’s get back to the gossip!

We’ve heard, through a little birdy (on a grapevine!) that the new iPhone 6 is due to be launched next month! This is exciting stuff, and we cannot wait to see what Apple have in store for us! Possibly the most anticipated smartphone of 2014, the iPhone 6 is set to have a 4.7” screen, keeping it to a one-handed device. However, not only have we that to look forward to, but there are also whispers of an iPhone Air, with a whopping 5.5” screen, making it more comparable to the Samsung S5’s or HTC One’s on the market.

In addition, the iPhone 6 is also rumored to have a 128GB version, for all the movie and app lovers, however ‘what might this mean for price?’ we ask! The iPhone 5S was slightly more expensive than the iPhone 5, as expected, and we would anticipate that the iPhone 6 will have a similar kind of rise in cost, but 128GB?! Wow, we’re guessing that won’t cheap at all - I should’ve started saving!

The iPhone 6 has also got us wondering about the megapixels on the camera, too! Could this be the change from the usual 8 megapixel camera? Could it improve to 10? We’re wondering will it be curved edges again, or will it stick to the sharper, fresher look of the iPhone 5S? We know also, that Apple has an exclusive license for the use of liquid metal, currently only used in the manufacturing of their SIM Pins - might this be used on the iPhone 6, instead of aluminum? It would make it thinner, lighter and more durable! We’ve also heard there’s a new factory in Arizona, USA, producing sapphire glass...hmm, it makes us wonder. And with copious amounts of articles, images and spoof videos floating around the world wide web, how do we know who can be trusted?? I guess I’ll just have to do what my Mum always told me to, and ‘have some patience child’! 

And, cleverly - as we all know Apple are - with a suspected launch event on 9th September (and allowing for the usual 7-10 day delay until the product becomes available), this means that the iPhone 6 should be available for purchase on Friday 19th September - allowing all us crazy cats to line up for hours on end over the weekend, hoping to get our hands on one! Let’s hope the rain keeps off!

Anyway, that’s it for now. Be sure to check back in again soon for our next blog (gossip!).


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