Up, up and away: The Relaunch

Posted March 22, 2014 by iBrokemyiPhone Team

So the day has finally arrived, and we at iBrokemyiphone couldn’t be happier to announce the relaunch of our new site! We’ve worked hard at reviewing all aspects of the business, from the attractive new website and images, right down to the competitive new prices!

As always, our principles and values have remained the same, and we continue to take great pride in our high level of customer service, and speedy turnaround of all repairs. We’d really like to take this opportunity though, to say a big THANK YOU to all our loyal customers, who were ultimately the driving force behind this relaunch. We wanted to take some time out to really focus on the business model, and to work out how we can ensure that every visit to our site is as enjoyable and user-friendly as possible. We hope we’ve achieved the aim!

It’s crucial to us at iBrokemyiphone, that all our customers get exactly what they want from the site, and that we provide the highest level of service possible.

We’ve also carried out further, extensive training for all our engineers, and can now confidently state that we as a team, have never been better! Our capabilities for repairs have vastly greatened, allowing us to offer customers a solution to every iPhone problem. It couldn’t get any better!

Finally, we’d like to take the time to reinforce our company’s promise, that not only will all customers receive the high level of service that we believe each and every one of them deserve, but that we will continue to strive to provide the best quality of service and rapid completion of all repairs undertaken.

And don’t forget to drop by our Blog page every now and then, to stay up to date with all the news and offers!

Chat soon,
The iBrokemyiphone Blogger!


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